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GER to GER's eco-friendly rural operations leave virtually no carbon footprints beyond normal traditional practices.
Locals maintain 99% of GER to GER's nationwide operations.
Today more than 100+ jobs have been created for rural inhabitants.
All community assets are being mobilized into productive social economic usages.
Averagely 80% of GER to GER's annual revenues are re-invested into rural advancement both Domestically and Internationally! As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia.
With 6,000+ travelers, GER to GER maintains over 99% health and safety via its pre-departure trainings apart of our Responsible Travel Mission.
Responsible Community Based Cultural Eco Tourism at its Best!

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GER to GER Incentives

It's official winter travel season in Mongolia! Weekend warriors, xpat getaways, avid adventurers, explorers and all those that are seeking some winter outback fun this season from the norm - you all have to check out our - Click Here to See Winter Travel Offers!

Locations: National and Strictly Protected National Parks and Zone Areas! Terrains: Woodlands, river valleys and even ocean canyon deserts! Route Difficulty: Easy to more challenging nomadic travel routes all available. Rural accommodations: mainly overnighting in Nomadic Gers! 

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Mongolia GER to GER Horseback Riding Trip

Horseback Riding in Mongolia along GER to GER Nomadic Travel Routes throughout the country is an experience that many should not miss! These custom-made routes are designed with in the input of our nomadic communities that are tailored to take you off the beaten path and safely show you the local wonders of their geographical terrains. We have horseback riding trips for families and for the more skilled and adventurous. 

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Mongolia GER to GER Trekking Trips, Tours and Vacations

Trekking Trips in Mongolia along GER to GER's nomadic networks offers beginners and more advanced trekkers an opportunity to uniquely experience Mongolia. You have a choice to trek along nomadic routes and camp near nomadic families in remote regions of Mongolia or have a local Mongolian nomad guide you deep into remote locations from camp site to camp site. We have trekking trips for the first timers and for the more adventurous. 

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Gobi Desert

GER to GER offers numerous trips, treks and overland tours across Mongolia's Gobi Desert. You have independent and group tour options that range from budget trips to more mid range for those that desire jeeps, translators and some overnights at remote ger camps. These Desert Trips are designed for anyone as they are all moderately adventurous that combines the best of community based tourism and leisure travel.

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Overland Travel in Mongolia

GER to GER maintains its eco travel policy in overland travel by combining community based activities, highlights of Mongolia and other travel experiences to ensure that all our trips offer the best geographical and cultural adventure. It is our aim to tailor make itineraries that are well balanced to ensure that your time in Mongolia is spent outside of the vehicle well spent rather than just zipping you across the country. Our overland trips great for everyone and truly adventurous!

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GER to GER Communities

The foundation of GER to GER is our community based travel itineraries, trips and tours around Mongolia! All our travel packages have been uniquely designed with nomadic families and rural communities via our eco travel workshops. These itineraries highlight the best of the region, culture, local events, geography and more via the 'eyes' and experiences of the local people. Averagely around 80% of revenues generated from these trips are given back as "rural advancement" which includes: salaries, workshops, marketing, etc.

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GeoTourism Mongolia | Travel Methodology

Posted in Travel Methodology

After carefully reading through the online travel itineraries you should:

  • Read the Pre-Mongolia Preparation section of our website.
  • Read the Arrival in Mongolia section of our website

Once you have arrived in Mongolia please visit our office two days in advance for:

  • Fill in booking and disclaimer forms
  • Book  and pay for rural bus tickets
  • Settle remaining payments: transportation (public bus and rural vehicle), travel orientation, community fee
  • Participate in mandatory pre-travel orientation lesson (typically a couple of hours)
  • Receive your travel pass

From this point onwards you will travel the following way (unless you are hiring a private vehicle):

  • Check out and take taxi at 7am to ‘Dragon Bus Station’ that is approx 7 kilometers west of city center along Peace Avenue.
  • Board bus at 730am
  • Buses generally depart around 8am but be there early to ensure that you don’t lose your seat
  • Rural buses will generally take 3 to 6 hours to reach destination depending on distance, weather, road conditions and number of passenger stops – remember most of Mongolia is ‘Off-Road Travel’. The following are average times (its normal if buses reach their destinations later by an hour or two):
    • Ulaanbaatar to Arhangai – 10 hours
    • Ulaanbaatar to Bayan Olgii – 2 days
    • Ulaanbaatar to Bulgan –6 hours
    • Ulaanbaatar to Darhan – 3 hours
    • Ulaanbaatar to Dundgovi – 6 hours
    • Ulaanbaatar to Dornod – 10 hours
    • Ulaanbaatar to Terelj – 2 ½ hours

Once you have reached the Provincial center you will be greeted by our rural facilitator that will guide you to your rural vehicle that will take you to the first nomadic family’s ger. This is a two way transportation service for you – after taking you to the first family the driver will come back out and pick you up from the last family on your departure date back to Ulaanbaatar.

After arriving at your first family you will be mostly likely served with some food and drink, and they will assist you in building your tent. From this moment forward you will be staying 2 day/1 night with each family and the next day they will guide you from their location to the next family’s location. At each of the family’s you will be offered meals and drinks (milk tea and hot water is sometimes available).

Between the families you will travel according to the itinerary – but please keep in mind that the modes of in between family transportation may change i.e. weather or climatic changes, horses sometimes run away in the evening, camels can be stubborn, etc., if this happens nomadic families may take you by a different mode of transportation that isn’t mentioned on the itinerary.

When you are staying with the family this is your opportunity to immerse yourself into their culture – sometimes families may not following the itinerary as planned owing to other works, activities, etc., these may be good opportunities to experience something unique and unplanned. In other cases, these opportunities are also a good time to relax and enjoy the slow pace of nomadic lifestyle.

Some Common Asked Questions:

When staying with Nomadic Families why must we camp?

By camping you are conserving and actively participating in nomadic heritage; you are creating a “Saahalt”

When you pitch you tent you will be surprised how the family members will often help you out, as this is in line with their cultural heritage. When family relatives or friends move and live near one another this is called a nomadic “Saahalt”. It is customary for members of the family to show their support and often combine their resources (humand, livestock, food, etc.) with the members of the “Saahalt”. Every relative member and/or friends of the Saahalt must have their own ger to form a Saahalt. It is this fundamental concept that ensures the long term sustainability of participating Nomadic families and their communities. There are numerous reasons for our camping approach as we don't want to create unnecessary tensions between the families and travelers, as described in the following

Authenticity: Nomadic families are extremely hospitable people and often never decline an opportunity to show off this strong characteristic. Travelers will be in the Ger from morning till evening, and during this time herders often give you 100% of their time, its only in the evenings we like to give everyone their personal space. Tourism is an alternative income generating opportunity for nomadic families; nomadism is their lifestyle and tourism hospitality is an activity - not a lifestyle.

Mobilize Existing Assets: Many families have only 2 beds in a ger. The husband and wife often sleep with their small children and/or grandparents. Maybe for the 1st night it is a novelty, but that quickly goes away as every night you see the families that you are visiting are sleeping on the floor of the ger. This often makes everyone uncomfortable. Trust our experience, as we wish you to have a pleasant experience without feelings of guilt.

Health: It is easy for nomadic families to get common colds owing to the demand of their lifestyle. Many families do not have access to medicines so they often tough it out. If you stay with families that are not well it is easy to get sick yourself. On Ger to Ger routes you must be in good health as traveling between gers whether by horseback, trekking, etc., all requires a healthy and rested body.

Gear: Mongolian gers are very hospitable points that are always open to nearby families to visit and share news. Sometimes visiting people maybe curious and take a look into your personal items while you are not present. Many would assume that the hosting family themselves have intruded into your privacy, and this creates unnecessary tensions. Tents when fully zipped, provide you with added privacy that Mongolians respect.

Personal Space: Many families are very attentive to your needs to the extent where they watch everything that you do. This is not considered to be rude in Mongolia as being very 'carrying'. For many travelers this 'attention' is overwhelming while eating, walking, journal writing, reading, sleeping, etc. All agree that tents are a perfect heaven for the weary persons that wants some alone time (especially on 3+ day trips!).

Testimonials: Ger to Ger has numerous testimonies from travelers that all report that the best way to go is by TENT

What general services are included Community Fees?

Herder groups generally provide the following services:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and farewell lunch or dinner
  • Herder guide
  • Camel cart/ox cart/horse riding
  • Sightseeing
  • Guided tour information
  • Nomadic culture /milk cow, game, etc/
  • Overnight in Ger (only at Elsen Tasarhai Community)

What general services are not included Community Fees?

Items that you will need to bring and/or rent locally (we'll help):

  • Tent
  • Basic first aid (band aids, medicine, etc.)
  • Clothing (for warm, cool and rainy weather)
  • Water bottle (cold and boild water)
  • Backpack
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GER to GER Honors and Accolades
Within less than a decade, GER to GER has arisen both domestically and internationally as a competitive social economic development initiative that successfully taps the mainstream tourism industry in order to maintain its sustainability; this has led to numerous international honors and accolades. 


GER to GER Social Economic Development
Social economic development being the heart and soul of our operational endeavors, this is broken-down tangibly by both direct (us) and indirect (everyone else). With 50+ projects, majority of annual revenues going "directly" to rural advancement, in addition to travelers' massive income disbursement into Mongolia's economy, etc., this page honors our works and those that have supported our initiatives.



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