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All community assets are being mobilized into productive social economic usages.
Averagely 80% of GER to GER's annual revenues are re-invested into rural advancement both Domestically and Internationally! As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia.
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Selenge Province

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Spring 2009, well after a year and a half of observing the seasonal changes and migration of nomadic families as this region of Mongolia has seen an influx of nomadic families migrating from Uvs and other economically challenged Provinces. Selenge contains a vast amount of natural, historical and cultural wealth but faces the lack of localized industry service providers and market linkages. What is critical to the development of this region is the strengthening of symbiotic-regional partnerships with Darhan Uul as it has a strong potential to supply the region with human, educational, transportation and other services in the future.


GER to GER Honors and Accolades
Within less than a decade, GER to GER has arisen both domestically and internationally as a competitive social economic development initiative that successfully taps the mainstream tourism industry in order to maintain its sustainability; this has led to numerous international honors and accolades. 


GER to GER Social Economic Development
Social economic development being the heart and soul of our operational endeavors, this is broken-down tangibly by both direct (us) and indirect (everyone else). With 50+ projects, majority of annual revenues going "directly" to rural advancement, in addition to travelers' massive income disbursement into Mongolia's economy, etc., this page honors our works and those that have supported our initiatives.



GER to GER in the PRESS
Who doesn't like to show-off a little bit? WE ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT! :) Over the years we have had numerous of wonderful articles both on and offline written about GER to GER and we have dedicated this area of our website to share them with you all! Enjoy!