Internationally Awarded and Recognized by NATGEO, Lonely Planet, Ashoka Changemakers, Give2Asia, UNESCAP, and more!
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GER to GER's eco-friendly rural operations leave virtually no carbon footprints beyond normal traditional practices.
Locals maintain 99% of GER to GER's nationwide operations.
Today more than 100+ jobs have been created for rural inhabitants.
All community assets are being mobilized into productive social economic usages.
Averagely 80% of GER to GER's annual revenues are re-invested into rural advancement both Domestically and Internationally! As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia.
With 6,000+ travelers, GER to GER maintains over 99% health and safety via its pre-departure trainings apart of our Responsible Travel Mission.
Responsible Community Based Cultural Eco Tourism at its Best!

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GER to GER Incentives

It's official winter travel season in Mongolia! Weekend warriors, xpat getaways, avid adventurers, explorers and all those that are seeking some winter outback fun this season from the norm - you all have to check out our - Click Here to See Winter Travel Offers!

Locations: National and Strictly Protected National Parks and Zone Areas! Terrains: Woodlands, river valleys and even ocean canyon deserts! Route Difficulty: Easy to more challenging nomadic travel routes all available. Rural accommodations: mainly overnighting in Nomadic Gers! 

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Mongolia GER to GER Horseback Riding Trip

Horseback Riding in Mongolia along GER to GER Nomadic Travel Routes throughout the country is an experience that many should not miss! These custom-made routes are designed with in the input of our nomadic communities that are tailored to take you off the beaten path and safely show you the local wonders of their geographical terrains. We have horseback riding trips for families and for the more skilled and adventurous. 

Click to see Horseback Riding Trips in Mongolia

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Mongolia GER to GER Trekking Trips, Tours and Vacations

Trekking Trips in Mongolia along GER to GER's nomadic networks offers beginners and more advanced trekkers an opportunity to uniquely experience Mongolia. You have a choice to trek along nomadic routes and camp near nomadic families in remote regions of Mongolia or have a local Mongolian nomad guide you deep into remote locations from camp site to camp site. We have trekking trips for the first timers and for the more adventurous. 

Click to see our Trekking Trips in Mongolia

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Gobi Desert

GER to GER offers numerous trips, treks and overland tours across Mongolia's Gobi Desert. You have independent and group tour options that range from budget trips to more mid range for those that desire jeeps, translators and some overnights at remote ger camps. These Desert Trips are designed for anyone as they are all moderately adventurous that combines the best of community based tourism and leisure travel.

Click here to See Gobi Desert Trips in Mongolia

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Overland Travel in Mongolia

GER to GER maintains its eco travel policy in overland travel by combining community based activities, highlights of Mongolia and other travel experiences to ensure that all our trips offer the best geographical and cultural adventure. It is our aim to tailor make itineraries that are well balanced to ensure that your time in Mongolia is spent outside of the vehicle well spent rather than just zipping you across the country. Our overland trips great for everyone and truly adventurous!

Click here to view our Overland Travel Packages in Mongolia

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GER to GER Communities

The foundation of GER to GER is our community based travel itineraries, trips and tours around Mongolia! All our travel packages have been uniquely designed with nomadic families and rural communities via our eco travel workshops. These itineraries highlight the best of the region, culture, local events, geography and more via the 'eyes' and experiences of the local people. Averagely around 80% of revenues generated from these trips are given back as "rural advancement" which includes: salaries, workshops, marketing, etc.

Click here to view our Community Eco Travel Itineraries

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GER to GER Mongolia | Community Based Ecotourism | Horseback Riding | Trekking | Overland Travel | Homestays

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Learn how GER to GER supports health, safety, education, rural communities, nomadic families and re-build industries via supporting SME Development in its ecotourism works.


You are on your way to becoming a responsible explorer, cultural ecotourism ambassador and changemaker!

Hi my name is Mr. Zanjan Fromer, CEO/Founder and I operate nationwide ecotourism initiatives across Mongolia with my long-time partner and co-founder, Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt, we offers individual trips, packaged trips and special interest trips that are eco-friendly with the mission of sustaining the destinations. We are specialized in providing a truly unique method of experiencing the Mongolia; travelers will receive a pre-departure training before their overland expeditions and/or nomadic family centered, point to point, cultural eco adventure with Mongolian nomads across vast geographical terrains (deserts, mountains, river valleys, steppes, etc.) by horseback, camels, ox carts, trekking and more! As a team we have successfully established nationwide community-based ecotourism travel routes that extends 11,000 square kilometers (7,000+ miles) across 10 Provinces or States of Mongolia’s geographical terrains. 

Imagine how the ancient explorers of the past traveled the globe i.e. Marco Polo, Roy Chapman Andrews, etc., the raw sense of cultural immersion with the locals, the adventure and excitement of the expedition! That’s GER to GER, a fusion of ancient and modern day experiences; an ancient nomadic lifestyle existing in a remote corner of the world in-between Russia and China. GER to GER responsibly shares knowledge with the locals and all travelers (pre-departure) to ensure that as you travel with the nomads across vast geographies that includes deserts, mountains, river valleys, open and vast Mongolian Steppes, your travel mentality is that of an early Explorer; rather than your standard "Tourist" or "Backpacker". This sort of trip is perfect for those travelers wishing to experience travel like a Mongolian and immersing themselves into their daily nuances (lifestyle, etc.) like the early Explorers. GER to GER is suitable for avid adventurers, humanitarians, individuals, couples, groups and families both young and old that are wishing for a unique local adventure that will take you along an itinerary but also has the flexibility to take you on those unexpected cultural and exploring detours which makes it often a more authentic cultural ecotourism experience.  

1 Know the Difference Film
2 Travel Film
Give2Asia a USA 501c3 in Partnership with GER to GER Foundation
Some of our GER to GER Communities and Nomadic Families' Testimonies
National Geographic Society Explorers Take Action
Our Succeses
Our Achievements

Give2Asia a USA 501c3 in Partnership with GER to GER Foundation

Support our Social Economic Development Initiatives

Donate Today by Clicking on This Link to Access our Fund | USA-501c3 (Tax Deductible)

Give2Asia is a wonderful organization that we are delighted to have as our partner, learn more about: Give2Asia

Zanjan Fromer - GER to GER Foundation, USAID, Mercy Corps and Give2AsiaBrief History

For the past 20+ years, I have been working overseas and around the world assisting countries like Mongolia to develop the competitiveness of their main industries via supply and value chain initiatives, mass/social media, international marketing, film and TV, business linkage development, international business fairs, etc. From these efforts, well over 400+ social economic initiatives across multiple industries in numerous countries have been effectively carried out to assist rural people, villages, communities, cities, provinces, regions and nations; today its my aim to continue expanding these efforts across Mongolia and other into other developing countries. GER to GER Foundation via the kind assistance of internationally famed recording artist Ms. Loreena McKennitt helped to establish our first contact and Fund with Give2Asia in 2008; to which Give2Asia was our financial facilitator of her in-kind contribution that assisted with GER to GER Foundation's first South East Asian Marketing Campaign. Today, we are delighted that our partnership with Give2Asia continues strong and are delighted to announce Give2Asia as GER to GER Foundation's primary USA 501c3 financial coordinator.

Cost Effective Approach

My approach towards social economic development actually streamlines the work flows and ensures that the overall activity costs are less; all film/tv, web, graphic designs, etc., all carried out in-house which means further minimization of overheads for external contracting and greater benefits towards the initiatives. For example, I shot the above film in one day and post produced it the very next day at almost no costs towards our organization - without multi-skilled specialists such as myself it would have costed our organization well over $10,000 USD to produce. Now not only does the organization have a wonderful marketing film(s) it has also saved over $10,000 per film that can be used towards other initiatives and activities; I often save our organization over $100,000 per year of mass media expenses owing to my experience, skills, abilities, equipments, etc.

  • Developed destination marketing materials (brochures, websites, social media campaigns, etc.) for rural communities
  • Developed short films and travel log films for destination marketing of rural communities
  • Developed international travel fair stands, banners, and exhibition materials for Germany's ITB, London's WTM, Hong Kong, Beijing, etc.

Present and Future Aims

Beyond international development throughout central-eurasia continent, I am planning to take these lessons learned, initiatives, etc., and to develop future projects that will encompass both Alaskan and American Natives into a cross continental social economic development initiative.

Some of our GER to GER Communities and Nomadic Families' Testimonies

Arhangai Province

On June 2005, three weeks after receiving a grant from the Swiss Development Center, Ger to Ger Team had carried out its first rapid rural asset mapping, field surveys and analysis, rural training of nomadic families and community stakeholders, designed its first marketing brochure, and sent out its first family of four on the newly established travel route. Over the next few months, with no previous marketing works, Ger to Ger had nearly sent out over 60 travelers in the first year. Within 4 months of the project implementation Ger to Ger had double and in some cases tripled the annual cash incomes of its participating families.

Mr. Batmunkh, Local Facilitator - "Ger to Ger contributed to our household income and we could pay our two sons’ University tuitions."

Mr. Batdelger, Nomadic Herder - "I am happy that I did have earned enough money from Ger to Ger to spend for my daughter’s health when she was giving birth."

Bulgan Province

In April 2007, Bulgan was the third self-financed implemented expansion route of Ger to Ger. This is the second route that Ger to Ger decided to implement within a competitive tourism region with the goal of working with nomadic families to provide an alternative working framework for locals.

Mrs. Ichinhorloo, Local Facilitator - "It has improved my household income and language knowledge. Ger to Ger project was very helpful to finish our small house construction in Rashaant village."

Mrs. Dulamsuren, Nomadic Herder - "Our household increased. So now, I can pay my son’s tuition. I also purchased a new ger for my second son’ family."

Darhan Uul Province

Spring 2009, well after a year and a half of observing the seasonal changes and migration of nomadic families to the surrounding Selenge Province, Darhan Uul (dead-center of Selenge Province) is a classic example of many regions of Mongolia that have GeoTourism assets and service suppliers but lack training, linkages, marketing, and etc. Its is for this prime reason that Ger to Ger is starting to work closely with the local government and other public-private sectors to bring about a symbiotic-regional approach towards GeoTourism development.

Dundgovi Province

In spring of 2006, USAID Director - Skip Waskins, had taken Ger to Ger to the next level by funding our Dundgovi Regional works via Mercy Corps International at a time when serious droughts were (and still are) hitting this Gobi region of Mongolia. Within a few months, Ger to Ger had established three community routes extending from the eastern region all the way to the south western region of Dundgovi - amazingly enough within two years Ger to Ger had recovered the donor grant amount towards the local economy. As of today, Dundgovi piloted and established the first regional route and has maintained its sustainability with annual increases of visitors every year. Starting winter 2009, CAMDA (Cambridge Appeal for Development in Mongolia) has co-financed the western Dundgovi expansion of Ger to Ger.

Mr. Tsembeldorj, Nomadic Herder - "Household income increased. Earned income spend for my health."

Mr. Chimiddorj, Nomadic Herder - "Our household income has increased. So now, I can pay my daughter’s tuition. I have learned many things during the training and project."

Ms. Oyunerdene, Nomadic Herder - "Ger to Ger project gave very good influences, a job and opportunity to learn foreign language etc, to my life. I have learned how to implement SME, communicate with domestic partners and travelers, become responsible, etc. In future, I will implement them. In addition, I have very nice team. In conclusion, I would like to say this project gave me willing and power to live in future."

Mr. Ganbaatar and Mrs. Narangarav, Regional Facilitator - "Ger to Ger gave us a chance to start a guesthouse business and increase our income. In addition, we got tourism education and improved our language, knowledge and communication skills. Ger to Ger project is very good example of essential projects to provide real benefits and contributions to the local people’s livelihood. "

Selenge Province

Spring 2009, well after a year and a half of observing the seasonal changes and migration of nomadic families as this region of Mongolia has seen an influx of nomadic families migrating from Uvs and other economically challenged Provinces. Selenge contains a vast amount of natural, historical and cultural wealth but faces the lack of localized industry service providers and market linkages. What is critical to the development of this region is the strengthening of symbiotic-regional partnerships with Darhan Uul as it has a strong potential to supply the region with human, educational, transportation and other services in the future.

Terelj National Park

In winter 2005, Ger to Ger set out to set up the first winter and year-round operational community routes in a location that had become overly commercialized with the objective to provide Ger to Ger frameworks, education, knowledge sharing and training workshops to reverse the ill effects of 'tourism gone bad'. Since the successful implementation of Ger to Ger, participating nomadic families are becoming more systematic and professional in their approach of strengthening and expanding of Ger to Ger's potential by introducing nomad organized and managed Naadam Festivals.

Mr. Tsembeldorj, Nomadic Herder - "Household income increased. Earned income spend for my health."

Mr. Chuluuunhuu, Nomadic Herder - "Before we involve in Ger to Ger project we did not have own animals and we used to herd other people’s animals to feed our four daughters. We are very happy now to became member of Ger to Ger. We bought sheep, few cows and horses. Even we could send our two daughters to Universities."

Mrs. Amarjargal, Nomadic Herder - "Ger to Ger made much contribution, we bought our own Ger with furniture.

National Geographic Society Explorers Take Action

National Geographic Society's | Explorers Take Action

National Geographic's Explorers Take features hundreds of amazing efforts to reduce human suffering, protect plants and animals, preserve cultures, and more. National Geographic has launched a sweeping new website to highlight and support the heroic work being done by nonprofits around the world to solve problems facing people and nature. The Explorers Take Action connects people to causes and grassroots projects, enabling those who want to do good to volunteer, donate, advocate, and spread the word about on-the-ground efforts to improve our planet.

Sharing our passion for travel, exploration and development.

Read more: National...

Our Succeses

Know the GER to GER Difference; here are some of our Successes:

  • 99% rurally operated
  • Expanded across 11,000 sq. kilometers of Mongolia
  • Rural operations leave virtually no carbon footprints
  • At own expense over 99% of human resources are being trained by GER to GER now
  • With 6,000+ travelers, GER to GER maintains over 99% health & safety via its pre-depature Responsible Travel trainings
  • GER to GER continues to finance/joint-finance social economic initiatives for nomadic communities
  • Assisted 26 families, in Gobi Region, during massive climatic winter disaster (food, hay, etc.)
  • Carried out open health clinic for 4,000+ locals in association with a Korean Doctors without borders N.G.O.
  • Assisted over 50+ children to access higher education
  • Continues to assist in job market diversification
  • Today more than 100+ jobs have been created for rural inhabitants
  • Annually, with partners, 200+ bags of trash are being collected as apart of our river conservation initiative
  • As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia
  • And more! 

Our Achievements

At GER to GER we operate as travel industry experts, social economic developers and film media specialists supporting Mongolia's nomadic populations and their rural communities. Via the diversity of our skills within our Agency, we assist our communities throughout Mongolia to systematically link to the greater international tourism industry in order to generate greatly needed alternative incomes to sustain their livelihoods. On and off for a course of three years prior to its rapid and successfully implementation in June 2005, GER to GER was designed uniquely for Mongolia. Since then, GER to GER has successfully expanded across 11,000 square kilometers of Mongolia (around 10 Provinces). Within our operational locations, GER to GER spans across a very massive geographic terrain of mountains, deserts, river valleys, pasture lands, steppes and more! You can only begin to imagine what awesome cultural eco adventures we all have designed.

Today GER to GER (traditional nomadic dwelling) has become Mongolia’s only and last surviving internationally donor funded community-based tourism initiative (according to its original master plan - I'm still here) to successfully maintain its sustainability via private sector. GER to GER has become the definitive cultural eco tourism agency for rural communities, inhabitants and nomadic families to systematically link to the global tourism industry as well for international travelers and operators to ethically link and support Responsible Tourism in Mongolia. Since June 2005 till today, GER to GER continues to be officially recognized by a wide variety of international institutions and like-minded individuals that includes the Swiss Agency for International Development (SDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mercy Corps International, Recording Artist Ms. Loreena McKennitt, Asian Foundation’s, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), National Geographic Society USA-D.C., National Geographic Society’s Explorers Take Action, Ashoka Changemakers, Global Giving, WHL Travel, Lonely Planet, Rough Riders, Trailblazers and more!

With our local travel knowledge and rural human resources that span vast geographical terrains coupled with our multi-industry development expertise, it allows us to custom tailor travel experiences effectively with communities thus ensuring eco sensitivity, less impact on culture, value for money, etc. By partnering with GER to GER you will be directly supporting our Responsible Eco Tourism mission throughout Mongolia & beyond and in return highlighting your commitment towards Responsible Travel and Tourism; KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS - purchase locally, purchase ethically and purchase responsibly!



GER to GER Honors and Accolades
Within less than a decade, GER to GER has arisen both domestically and internationally as a competitive social economic development initiative that successfully taps the mainstream tourism industry in order to maintain its sustainability; this has led to numerous international honors and accolades. 


GER to GER Social Economic Development
Social economic development being the heart and soul of our operational endeavors, this is broken-down tangibly by both direct (us) and indirect (everyone else). With 50+ projects, majority of annual revenues going "directly" to rural advancement, in addition to travelers' massive income disbursement into Mongolia's economy, etc., this page honors our works and those that have supported our initiatives.



GER to GER in the PRESS
Who doesn't like to show-off a little bit? WE ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT! :) Over the years we have had numerous of wonderful articles both on and offline written about GER to GER and we have dedicated this area of our website to share them with you all! Enjoy!